December 31, 2005


Smithson Sketches #2

Another sketch from Smithson, this one a "kiddie" version of one of the characters (the self-styled campus superhero, Chumucka Man.)

Shaenon has a very simple philosophy for superhero character design: "I believe that all superheroes should wear either mining hats or goggles. Mostly goggles." The ring is my addition, based on a dimly-remembered ring-based candy. The "sour apple" flavor came on a plastic green ring, perfect for pretending to be Green Lantern.

kid chamuckaman

December 29, 2005


Smithson Sketches #1

I draw a weekly webcomic called Smithson, which follows the strange goings-on at fictional Smithson College. I took over art duties on the strip from Bob Stevenson and I'm still practicing drawing most of the characters. Here are some "getting to know you" sketches.


Gemma is the punky, troublemaking type. She also probably has an unmeasurably high IQ.


Jael is the RA on the dorm hall on which several characters live. She's a soft, comforting presence, who happens to be synthesizing human skin on fish as part of her degree project. She likes tea.

December 28, 2005

As an experiment, I'm mirroring my Sketchblog here, to see which setup I like better. Sadly I think I've finally reached the stage where tinkering with the underlying technology isn't as interesting as it used to be ...

Here are the latest sketches, in which I try on a few different hats.



Edit: Looks like I need to play with the template to accomodate the larger images ...

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