January 16, 2006


Watercolor Under My Thumbnails

I've added to my palette of watercolors, and I'm trying to get a handle on how to best use what I've got. These are small studies on a piece of 18 x 24 inch Bristol board. The scribbles are notes about various color combinations, washes, etc.

watercolor paint studies

January 9, 2006


Guy N' ... Uh, Dolls

Brushes are fun!


It's January, so it's time for some cute n' ghoulish drawings. (Hey, if Xmas can take up 7 months of the year ...)


January 2, 2006


Post-Apocalyptic Rocker

This was a birthday card I drew for my friend Lee, who is a guitar player and all-around rock n' roll star. Um, I drew him surrounded by rock. Yeah.

I flirted with the idea of having him cudgeling attacking dinosaurs with the guitar, but thought that was a little too much rock.

rock and roll!!

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