February 27, 2006


Three Ladies and A Goof

Some new watercolor sketches. I'm trying to make the first few brushstrokes do as much work as possible - making big shapes - then going back and tightening up with some ink.


And here are some sketches for a comic I've got in production ...



February 20, 2006


Trouble Alley

These guys just won't go away ... I guess I'll have to finish that comic with them, then.


February 13, 2006


Smithson Sketches #3

Here's another pic of Gemma from Smithson. Why that pedestal has a lamp and a glass on it, I have no idea. This was a test painting on some new watercolor paper I'm trying out - Arches hot-pressed.

painting of Gemma

And here's a painting of Gemma's roommate Micki, another test painting on Canson watercolor paper. I think I like the smoother paper better.

painting of Micki

February 6, 2006



Man, I feel like I've really improved the color in my paintings with these new paints. If you paint in watercolors and would like a decent explanation of why various colors behave as they do, I recommend checking out the book Transparent Watercolor Wheel by Jim Kosvanec. It separates the paints into transparent, staining, semi-transparent and semi-opaque colors, gives paint mixing recommendations, and so on.

Here are some fluffy clouds, to go with my fluffy brain at this hour ...


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