May 28, 2006


Port - Rah - Tchuah

This is a quickie portrait, based on a photo of singer Dinah Washington. Not a terrific likeness, but it was fun to paint. More work on cardstock.

watercolor painting

May 22, 2006


The Tidiest Corner

This is a corner of a collage/watercolor/pencil piece I made. I was having trouble sitting down to work - trying to select what to draw or paint, from the many projects that I could be tackling - so I just kind of scribbled some lines, put down some washes, etc. It's good practice, I guess, and I got some interesting effects and textures. Note editorial comment in the lower right.


May 15, 2006


Hand Wringing

After six months (!) of drawing Smithson, I've come to the conclusion that I need to work on my rendering of hands (and arms, and the head/neck intersection, and backgrounds, and the panel lines could be a little straighter, etc. etc. etc.) Fortunately I am gifted with as large and bony a pair of paws as a student artist could want, so practicing is fairly convenient.

drawing of hands

drawing of hands

May 7, 2006


Landscape Studies

A few quick paintings (I think the bottom one took about an hour; the shadows moved quite a bit, anyway.) Working on color, rendering light and shadow, etc. It's tough to keep the shadow colors saturated and un-muddied; I'm using mostly transparent pigments here so I end up going over the darkest parts a few times.



May 1, 2006


Watercolor Doodle-Doo

It's nice to paint on paper not made especially for watercolors; these are on card stock, which is a lot cheaper and good for experiments. It sucks the color right in, though; the originals aren't quite this saturated. But that's what computers are for. These are various noir-esque doodles put into the same page. He's not just glowery, he's caught up in events beyond his control!


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