July 17, 2006



Here's one of the pencil sketches I made for my current illustration project (six paintings for a theater company.) Right now I'm working on the painted version in Photoshop. It's a little different from the sketch, in which it seems to be raining jellybeans.

pencil sketch

July 9, 2006


The Best Laid Plans

Picked up some gouache paints today and played with those, as a (brief) break from the illustration gig.

This is an old to-do list that got used as a brush pointing page and now has this little man lying down on it. (The text at left says "3. Take a shot at New Yorker - come up with 10 ideas for cartoons." By March, I think it was. Oh well.)


July 3, 2006



Posting to the blog as a break from a marathon painting session (which started about a week ago ...)

If I were a clever man, I'd have made a cute illustration of a bee for this situation; but instead you get this.


Hope to have new stuff to show next week ...

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