August 28, 2006



Here's what I did last week. Mostly business, not much time to work on personal stuff (beyond Smithson).

Most fun to draw: Einstein. Hardest to draw: tie between Max Headroom (tough to do a caricature of a caricature, and indicate that it's a computer-generated character) and Steve Jobs (facial hair is tough to render in vector art.)


Oh, OK. The "Dell Dude" is also sort of fun to draw.

August 20, 2006


Comics Are So Gouache

In art school I had no idea how to pronounce "gouache" (gwash); I always thought it was "gauche", like when the Admiral invites you to dinner and you use the wrong fork.


Here's a mashup of a panel from a recent Smithson and one of the cut-out painted guys I've been making lately. I actually taped the cut-out onto the original art, which is sort of stupid in retrospect. But luckily I was able to peel it off again without any damage to the strip. Whew.


August 14, 2006


Cutouts #1

painted cutouts

Painted with gouache on card stock and cut out, each around 5" tall. I'm trying to do one of these guys a day.

August 7, 2006


Background Check

I'm back from vacation, with some more stuff from the archives.

In 2003 I created a short animation called "Commuters", for the One Minute Video Festival, a local film fest. All the submitted videos had to be one minute long or less. This was both a challenge and a relief - a challenge to get some kind of story done within that running time, and a relief at the end of the project, because it took me a month just to put together 50+ seconds of footage.

The animation was done in Flash and Photoshop and then output to video. The sound effects were created using my handy Yamaha DJX keyboard, sadly gathering dust in the closet now.

The images below constitute a sort of "spoiler", so if you want to pop over to and watch the short first, go ahead. Otherwise, scroll on down.


Anyway, here is one of the backgrounds used, and a detail from it.

digital painting

digital painting

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