September 4, 2006



This is a detail from "Trying", one of six illustrations I made this summer for the Merrimack Repertory Theatre, one for each play in the current season. The illustrations will be appearing in their season preview book, in print advertising, on some signage, and I believe they're going to project them on the side of a blimp. I may be wrong about that last one.


The thing that surprised me in making the paintings (they were done with a Wacom tablet and Photoshop), is how much they came to resemble my paint-on-canvas painting style. I made a bunch of custom brushes in Photoshop to get the brush-like textures I wanted.

I guess when you're really in the heat of trying to get something to look right, your consciousness of the tools being used disappears anyway. (I remember a quote, maybe from Philip Guston, to the effect that when you start a painting, all your friends and critics are in the studio with you; then after awhile the critics leave; following that, your friends leave; and if you're lucky, finally you leave.)

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