November 27, 2006


Freelance: Thanksgiving Painting

Shoot, I almost forgot to update again today. Too much going on.

This is a Photoshop painting I made for guess which recent holiday. It was an experiment: it was for a slideshow presentation, for which I normally make one image per slide. This time I tried to be clever and made one big image, and zoomed in on a different chunk of it for each slide. I don't know if it was any faster than my usual routine, but the final product came out all right. I like the kid with the raygun, and the sullen/quiet teenager setting out the silverware.

digital painting

November 20, 2006



gouache painting

It's been a busy week or so. (I've lost track.)

November 13, 2006


Hey Micki, etc. etc.

Just because I like it, here's the last panel from the most recent Smithson.

Micki from Smithson

November 6, 2006


Smithson (Earth-G Version)

gouache and watercolor painting

This is a new interpretation of a panel from last week's Smithson. (I'm trying to bring the wacky energy I've been getting with the cutout paintings into my comics work, and this was a convenient way to practice.) Micki looks OK here, I think, but Chuck's looking a little too cartoony. After I scanned this in I repainted his eyes somewhat so they're not quite so Little Orphan Annie. Panel border and lettering in Photoshop of course.

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